SkyShed Latest

Last Updated: 4/11/2019

April 11

      Automation worked last night.  When it got very cloudy for more than 10 minutes, the sequence aborted, the scope parked, the roof closed and everything shut itself off after copying my data to another computer inside the house.   I'm looking forward to sleeping again!

April 10

      Floor is complete around the pier.  I cleaned up and got all my tools and crap out of there!

March 27 First Light!  

      Powered up MX+

March 26

     Leveled pier, fished wires through the mount, mounted RASA and WO, balanced the  mount

March 23

     Installed new pier and MX+

     I had a local welder fabricate an adapter to mount my new pier to my footing

March 11

     Dry fitting new Software Bisque Paramount MX Pier

     Installing and configuring SkyRoof

March 4, 2019 First Light!

          JRO SkyShed


          Finished window & Door Trim


           Install SkyRoof

          Next version of software underway

          Got Mount PC running, connected and updated

          Installed and balanced RASA

          Installed and leveled CGEPro

          Extended Pier (I hope this works!)

          Observatory environmental PC back online

          SkyAlert online

          Setup Network

          Finished Window & Door Trim

          Powered up 12V main bus

          Installed Floor Insulation & Floor TileFinished window & Door Trim

          Powered up 12V main bus

          Installed Floor Insulation & Floor Tile