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Last Updated: 1/26/2020

January 26 2020

      Moving to a ZWO ASI533MCPro on my 11" RASA.  I plan to get a 2" filter drawer and use an L-Enhance Duo-Narrowband filter to image around the full moon. I'll be able to just pull the drawer/filter out for the 2 weeks around the new moon.  Right now I have the William Optics GTF81 piggy back on top of the RASA with a ZWO ASI1600  in a wide field narrowband setup.  I may switch the filter wheel to the 8 position wheel so that I can use that setup for RGB around the new moon.

August 27  First Light!

      I polar aligned my CGEPro and had decent results.  (Clickable pics of the setup below)

August 26

      I decided to move back to my CGEPro from my 104 refractor.  I planted the pier as best I could and switched mounts with JRO2 moving my AVX back into the POD.

August 19

      AVX operational with my 104mm refractor in the north corner (This was short lived although it worked)

August 13

      Working on setting up my AVX with my 104mm refractor in the north corner for better southern views.

June 24

      Finally installed my new door with larger reverse gable.  Pic below  

April 11

      Automation worked last night.  When it got very cloudy for more than 10 minutes, the sequence aborted, the scope parked, the roof closed and everything shut itself off after copying my data to another computer inside the house.   I'm looking forward to sleeping again!

April 10

      Floor is complete around the pier.  I cleaned up and got all my tools and crap out of there!

March 27 First Light!  

      Powered up MX+

March 26

     Leveled pier, fished wires through the mount, mounted RASA and WO, balanced the  mount

March 23

     Installed new pier and MX+

     I had a local welder fabricate an adapter to mount my new pier to my footing

March 11

     Dry fitting new Software Bisque Paramount MX Pier

     Installing and configuring SkyRoof

March 4, 2019 First Light!

          JRO SkyShed ONLINE!!!!!